Concrete Pavers and Stamped Concrete

Concrete Pavers and Stamped Concrete

Concrete pavers are a beautiful decorative addition to any landscaped area. They are also sufficient to utilize on a patio area or surrounding a swimming pool. The beautiful colors that there are to choose from makes it simple to spruce up any space or add that perfect touch. Not only are the concrete pavers a great choice for outdoor use but so is the art of stamped concrete. Stamped concrete comes in any color of your choice and you can virtually choose any design as well. These concrete based applications are not just being used in residential communities. Many commercial spaces are using concrete pavers and stamped concrete for common areas. Not only are the prices extremely reasonable for these decorative options, but they are extremely durable and can handle high foot traffic. They are extremely popular in our casino and hospitality industry here in Las Vegas.stamped concrete las vegas

Because the concrete pavers and stamped concrete applications are so affordable, they really have become quite popular in the landscaping industry. There is very little maintenance that is necessary for both of the decorative concrete items. Let’s start with the stamped concrete first. This product does require some maintenance about every 2 years. It is very important that with the initial installation of the stamped concrete that there are several coats of concrete sealer applied to the area. It is also important that the concrete sealer is allowed to dry 100%. Regular sweeping and clean water washing is appropriate maintenance for stamped concrete. Even using a blower on a daily basis is a good idea to keep the stamped concrete clean and shiny.

Obviously, more heavily traffic areas would require more attention than every 2 years. This would be able to be determined by the stamped concrete appearance. It is recommended that you apply additional sealer product once you notice the stamped concrete area is losing its shine. The correct way to ensure best use of the concrete sealer is to apply 2 lighter coats rather than 1 thick coat. If the stamped concrete is also getting vehicle traffic, you may need to utilize special cleaning solutions to remove any tire markings. Fixing issues as they arise is the best solution. The longer you leave items that need to be repaired or updated, the more likely it is that you will need to do more major maintenance.

Concrete pavers is a totally different decorative substance to maintain in comparison to the stamped concrete. One of the most important items to keep maintenance low is to be sure that the pavers are properly installed. Installation of concrete pavers is an art all on its own. 90% of the success to concrete pavers is in the installation process. It is recommended that you use crushed rock for the base of a concrete paver area. The amount of use and the climate will determine how much of a layer of the crushed rock that you will need to use. Most common areas need a minimum of 4 inches in order to provide the correct base for concrete pavers.paver sealing las vegas

Once the pavers are laid out and the design is complete, the setting of the sand is the next step in the concrete paver installation process. Coarse grade sand is recommended in filling in all of the areas around the pavers to insure that they do not move when weight is put on them. After applying the coarse sand on to the pavers, a plate compactor should be used to cause intense vibration and seep the sand tightly around the pavers. You should work on filling the sides around the concrete pavers in small areas so that the job is done sufficiently.

When all the sand is tightly packed around the edges of the pavers, this is the time when a professional concrete sealer should be used. It is not necessary to put a sealer on the pavers but the extent of their beauty and durability is much longer. It is recommended that you use either a water-based concrete sealer or an acrylic based sealer. Your space and its projected use will help you determine which type of sealer you will need to use.concrete pavers las vegas

Maintenance on concrete pavers that have been properly sealed will be about every 3-5 years. During the re-sealing of pavers, they will need to be pressure washed and re-sanded to make sure that they are sturdy and still in tact. This is extremely necessary especially if the pavers are used on a roadway or driveway where they are handling the weight of vehicles. Pressure washing pavers will also eliminate grease and tire markings prior to sealing them again.

Stamped concrete and concrete pavers are very beautiful additions to any area. With the ability to get extremely creative with both colors and designs, they provide a perfect solution to any landscape. We suggest that you use a professional concrete paver or stamped concrete installation company. It is also highly recommended that you utilize professional concrete cleaning and concrete sealing companies. One of our favorite here in Las Vegas is Las Vegas Concrete and Paver Sealing. Whatever your design choice is, you are sure to enjoy the look and feel of both the stamped concrete or concrete pavers.