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Car Insurance Advice

Wether this is the first time you are shopping for car insurance or you are just looking to change carriers, you might want to read this article first. It mentions there are eleven key factors that determine your premium. It is important to get good insurance because if you need to use it, you... Read More »

The Top BBQ Restaurants in Orlando, FL

Orlando may get a lot of things right, but barbecue is at the very top. Lately, lots of people have been asking me for my opinions on the top barbecue restaurants in Orlando. Let me just preface this by saying that I love barbecue-themed restaurants, so these reviews are probably a little biased. If you only... Read More »

What happens to people who don’t get chiropractic care

I’ve seen a lot of people lately that are all hunched over, like they’re stuck in a permanent fetal position? Do you know what that screams to me? Lack of chiropractic care. If your body is shaped like the letter C, you know there’s something wrong with you. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but... Read More »

The latest additions to my VHS

I really enjoy shopping for movies at thrift stores. They’re affordable, sometimes rare, and best of all, they’re on VHS. Now I don’t about you guys, but I really love movies on VHS. I don’t know why. Probably mostly because they’re so cheap. I can get them from 50 cents to a dollar, and I... Read More »

Reno Carpet Cleaning

Reno Carpet CleaningWe had Reno Carpet Cleaning come out to freshen up our carpets for the holidays.  They were on time, finished quickly, and took great care to not damage our furniture.  The carpet cleaning technician was friendly, professional, and very informative. We have a dog and I was amused that the carpet cleaning tech carried a... Read More »

Best Hood Cleaning Review

Best Hood Cleaning ReviewBest Hood Cleaning Service was established in 2016, but has quickly risen to be the best reviewed professional hood cleaner in Sacramento. Ownership of the company told me that they made the decision to open their doors when they discovered a serious lack timely, high quality availability for a hood cleaner in the Sacramento area.... Read More »