About BizNet-TN.com

Hello!  I bought this domain only for the sake of keeping it alive.  Since it had some ‘internet power’ at one time, it’s a great place to put articles about businesses that need a boost in the search engines.  So, if you’re in Tennessee, and you want to plug a business website, you’ll be welcome to do so.

Personally, I will be featuring a few businesses here too.  And this is a low cost operation.  The domain was cheap to buy and the hosting is only costing me about $100 per year.

If you want to have a nice article here and have pictures and links, I ask that you do a couple things for me.

  1. Create your article in a simple text editor.  DO NOT SEND ME MS WORD documents.
  2. Include the largest format JPG pictures that you can.
  3. Make small donation to compensate me for my time when I put it on and format it up for you.  It should take me less than 20 minutes, so you don’t have to pay me something crazy.
  4. Understand that the article will remain visible for as long as anyone is making donations to me to add more articles.  I won’t take them down.
  5. Send your article to jrfent [at] gmail.  You can use that same email address to make a donation to the project via Paypal.

I’m not looking to get rich off this.  Seriously – just want to have a little compensation for my time.

That’s it!  Until we get some articles to place here – I’m done talking!  Time to start improving the site!